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Hit the PAUSE button

While I love meditation for its transcendent benefits and its ability to bring me into better alignment with my truest self, sometimes it can still be challenging to meditate in the traditional way, on a daily basis.

On those days, I really enjoy sitting or lying comfortably (sans phone & electronics) in a beautiful and peaceful indoor or outdoor space, while I do any of the following:

*Imagine positive events unfolding in my life *reminisce on uplifting and loving memories *think about everything and everyone I’m grateful for *or simply admire my surroundings ~ whether it’s a beautiful tree, a well-crafted piece of art, or the way the clouds are forming.

Whether it’s for 5, 15 or 50 minutes, this deliberate pause makes a positive difference in how I’m able to go about my day. So, I’m encouraging everyone to be intentional about hitting the pause button DAILY because in a world of GO GO GO, being able to truly slow down is a necessary luxury.

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