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About US

About Us


Cura Cura, LLC is a company that focuses on the total body health and well-being of clients. Our target client is someone who wants to heal illnesses naturally and completely transform their health organically. In a variety of ways, we assist them on this journey.

Cura Cura LLC

Here, we believe

1) We are our own healers.

2) God has provided us with everything we need, naturally, to live a healthy, vibrant, joyful, and fulfilling life.

3)  Everybody is always just one choice away from a healthier life; being properly educated on which choice(s) to make, for your specific situation, is key.  

4)  In our perspective, holistic healthcare, as opposed to conventional healthcare, is the best way to approach the majority of health issues because it approaches healing and health by focusing  on the whole entire complete person (i.e. their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing).  This is critical because these areas are intricately and divinely connected.  The quality of one area will inevitably affect all other areas.

5) While disease and illness have become extremely typical in our world, I must emphasize that being chronically and constantly unwell is not normal.   Whether it’s uterine fibroids, acne, high blood pressure, PCOS, diabetes, cancer, eczema, or obesity, this is not normal and not anything that people should get used to. And, suffering through these conditions, or even humbly tolerating these conditions is not what the Creator wanted for anyone. The Creator wants us to live a life of vitality!

6) Outside of extreme medical cases, bad accidents, or rare conditions one was born with, we are not supposed to be dependent on pills, surgeries, radiation, steroid-based ointments, vaccines, or injections to survive or thrive. There’s WAY too much organic abundance on God’s green earth and way too many holistic modalities and treatments to be reliant on unnatural, synthetic man-made concoctions for wellness. 

7) Fasting (all types) will do miraculous things for your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. If you can get past the initial hunger pains, you’ll see what you’re really made of and you’ll feel spiritually, mentally, and physically lighter, healthier, and invincible. During and after your fast, your entire well-being transforms for the better, guaranteed. Also, fasting is a successful health solution backed by the worlds of science and religion!

8)  Our bodies are our first and forever soul mates. From the womb to the tomb, they’re with us through everything.  We depend on them for everything. They are the divine transporter of our souls. It’s important that we treat and honor it like the holy temple that it is. In doing so, our lives inevitably become more enriched.

9) Great health is not some elusive privilege only exclusive to the wealthy or to celebrities. It’s not exclusive to people who seemingly just have “good genes” either.

No. Great health is available to EVERYONE! That means YOU, yes YOU! It doesn’t matter your age, background, or what you’ve been diagnosed with, it’s everyone’s birthright to naturally enjoy great health while feeling and looking their best.

10) Sunshine, nutrition, exercise, proper rest, prayer, and mediation are the six best doctors. Tapping into these six areas every day will radically transform your life for the better. 

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