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About the Founder

Hey y’all,

Even though I’ve consciously and earnestly created this company, I didn’t grow up intentionally and deliberately choosing  the path of holistic wellness; rather,  it was because of  my various health trials, tribulations and triumphs that I’ve come to believe that the path of  holistic wellness chose me. 

From healing chronic eczema naturally, to dropping 50 pounds and keeping it off,  to growing my tresses back after aggressive postpartum hair loss, to guiding my dad through a six month plant-based journey that stopped his vertigo spells,  to using  homemade remedies and herbal creations to  beat any cold or flu that my son has ever had, to maintaining vibrant health naturally,  throughout the entire virus monstrosity of 2020/2021, I’ve had a variety of health-related experiences that have  prepared me to thoroughly assist you on this journey of becoming a healthier you.  

And, because specialized education has a way of sharpening skills and legitimizing what one has known all along, I decided to make it official by obtaining a graduate certification in Integrative Health and Wellness from The American College of Healthcare Sciences. This was a great experience as it greatly expanded my knowledge of  holistic wellness, introduced me to new and effective methods of healing, helped me understand how to prevent and  holistically care for an array of illnesses, deepened my understanding of so many powerful medicinal herbs, and increased my remedy-making skill set. This education equipped me with invaluable new insight about healing naturally, and I’m looking forward to using this knowledge, along with my life experiences to transform you into your best self. Let’s get started!~ 


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