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Movement and exercise are essential for optimum health and happiness. 

But, when it comes to fitness, can I tell you a secret?

I really don’t like to work hard at feeling and looking good. (shhh, don’t tell nobody!)

I prefer dancing, walking, light jogging, and simply living an active life.  While I genuinely admire gym enthusiasts with shredded physiques and personal trainers that relentlessly coach clients to their 100th sit up, that type of coaching just isn’t my ministry.

However, helping people look and feel better naturally is.  Therefore, taking brisk walks outside is a wonderful way to begin to heal and transform your health. You get the powerful physical benefits of exercise, you release endorphins that boost your mental health, all while simultaneously receiving the glorious spiritual benefits of being out in nature. As with most significant life changes, sometimes the biggest hurdle to starting or maintaining your exercise routine is feeling alone, like you don’t have a partner to help you in this transformation.  That’s where I come in, as your accountability partner, your motivator, and comrade.

We can go as fast as you’d like.  I’m here to keep the pace with you, connect with you, and hopefully dive into some great conversation.

Your purchase includes:

~1 accompanied trip to Country Pak or your Greensboro park of choice

~1 hour per trip

~1 gift certificate to Smoothie King or Juice Shop

Everything we talk about at the park is 100% confidential.

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Subscribe for the updates!