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Don’t live in Greensboro, but still want me to come shop with you?

 Email: and we may be able to work something out

Why is a personal shopping assistant even necessary? Well, many of us shop the way our parents shopped for us.  Many of us shop from an emotional place, filling our carts with only what we want, but not what our bodies need. Many of us buy what we see advertised, disregarding the toxic cocktail of ingredients it contains.   But our shopping habits aren’t completely our fault. Since birth, we’ve legitimately been programmed (by family, mainstream media, society, commercials, billboards and more) to eat and grocery shop in a certain way. And, if we’re being honest, most of this programming has not served us well. However, if we want to experience great health, we must take full responsibility for what we’re eating. The problem is, because the conditioning is so deep, often we just don’t know where to start. That’s where I come in! On this educational trip, I will get to know what YOU like to eat, and I’ll cater this grocery trip toward healthy and tasty options and alternatives that will have you and your family  feeling nourished, powerful, healthy, and satisfied, now and forever.

Using my personal experience and educational training, I will happily accompany you to the grocery store or farmer’s market (in-person or virtually) to help you select the most delicious and nutritious foods for you and your family. More than a place to stock up on food, I look at grocery stores and farmer’s markets as fields of opportunities to be great. From the fruit eaten at breakfast, to the snacks nibbled on in the afternoon, to the herbs used in nightly tea, to the butter and oils used to sauté’ the main dish at dinner, the majority of what we consume should  make us feel powerful, light, jubilant, focused, nourished, healthy, and satisfied.. 

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