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There’s an endless amount of information and research on the amazing benefits of fasting. But,  instead of boring you with studies, statistics, and biology jargon,  let me give you my hot take.

Fasting is one of the most ancient, powerful, and  effective ways to completely transform one’s health. It’s also one of the most underrated ways to transform one’s health.

Whether it’s acne, high blood pressure, excess belly fat, depression, or even cancer, fasting is known to immaculately regenerate, restore, and refresh every fiber of our being, from the inside out, on a cellular and molecular level.

This internal renewal tremendously helps us glow, feel lighter, lose weight, think more clearly, and most importantly – no longer deal with the issue that was causing so much pain, stress, or strife. Fasting allows us to destroy inflammatory and autoimmune issues and bring the body back into a state of balance, peace, and harmony.

And, that’s mostly the physical benefits.

From my own experience, fasting has also  helped me release old emotions, be more forgiving, feel more blissful, and come into stronger alignment with my higher self.

The thing is: our bodies use A LOT of energy to digest food. So, when we’re not eating, our bodies get a wonderful chance to use that energy (that would otherwise be used for digesting) toward repairing and recycling  bad cells, tissues, and any other harmful matter floating around. During a fast, our bodies go through a process called ‘autophagy’ which literally means self-eating. In short, this is when  our body starts to “eat” the bad and restore the good.

For my visual people, whenever I think of autophagy, PAC-MAN always comes to mind 🙂

I’ve done different types of fasts (i.e. liquid, water, cold-pressed juice, fruit, intermittent ) and every single time, I’ve always felt incredibly healthier and fully transformed. Bottom line: If you’re struggling with any health issue, fasting is one of the best things you could ever do for yourself. I can 99% guarantee that you will completely  heal and/or fiercely  kickstart the process of healing by making a decision to fast.

Let us assist you the whole way through!

Your purchase includes:

~30 minute consultation (to hear your health goals, decide a good time to start, figure out which fast is best for you, directions on how to proceed).

~Two (2) 15 minute check-ins during your fast, to see how you’re doing/offer moral support

~cold-pressed organic juices or fruit

~For Greensboro, NC only


In person: Greensboro, NC only, for now –  $120

For this option, we can have our consultation in-person OR virtually. And, your cold-pressed organic juices OR fruit  will be provided and delivered to you personally.

Check-ins are included.

Virtual: Anywhere in the world $60

We will have our consultation virtually. Cold-pressed organic juices and fruit are not provided.

Check-ins are included.

Right now, we are only offering this service for those interested in fasting with  organic cold-pressed juices or fruit.

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